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Why Is Having a Mobile Website So Important?

Much debate has been going on about whether or not mobile websites are necessary. The debate ends here and now. YES, THEY ARE! Now that that’s settled, it’s time to move on to answering the question of WHY they are necessary.

Get a targeted audience

Because mobile websites are basically accessed using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, it follows that every person who uses the Internet via this mode has a certain degree of likelihood to come across your site.

Search engines like Google have a way “geo-locating” you based on the information transmitted through your mobile Internet use. Therefore, if you’re in the car business and someone from your locality enters “car” (or something relevant) into the search engine, there’s a big possibility for your site to rank highly in the results page.

Faster loading and navigation

One of the things people hate the most is waiting, and this is risky business for the online arena. Making a person wait too long for your page to load will earn you the outcome of clicking that [X] button at the top right portion of the browser


More cost-effective than apps

When you hear or read something that tells you how the right way to go mobile is through making personalized apps for your business, don’t believe it. That’s a marketing scheme. Yes, apps are quite handy and they have their own plusses as well. But, for starters, you should really focus on making optimizing your websites for mobile access

Significant studies have found out that almost all mobile phone users depend on browsers to surf the net because this enables them to open multiple tabs and load various pages at the same time. Going for a mobile website will only require you to spend once for its development without having to consider the different platforms each mobile phone is using.

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