Don’t you want a Web Design Services that gives a face to your organization?

With the advent of commercialization demanding more and more publicity, your website today is just not your mere presence online. Rather, it is the page where one online campaign makes way for the others and projects your business vision. Unlike primitive times, today, your business gets many platforms to market its products as well as services. SEO marketing opens routes for many social communications such as blogs and online discussion forums such as Yahoo Answers. So, a potential customer can get to you via various means of communication which can effectively satisfy them with the expectation they have from your products and services. Innovation Marketing understands the situation from clients perspective and builds web design services by keeping the following in mind:


  • A website is a definition of one’s business. The way your website is designed shows your approach towards the customers. An attractive design indicates your concern aboutyour clients’ experience in website surfing which ultimately drives you to design user friendly and easily navigable website. It is the platform to build impression which converts visitor to a potential client.
  • Performance oriented show is essential to leave a positive imprint. Well armed technical team is important to yield solutions that are practical and user friendly in nature. Experienced professionals are required to build comfortable interfaces for beginners.
  • The design should be tested for device specifications of various screen size and kinds such as smartphones, iphones, tablets, ipads etc. to give and provide an effortless and break free browsing experience.

Innovation Marketing is one of the most coveted web design service company that is competitive enough to provide you with all these facilities. So stop thinking and start exploring!In case your target is to achieve an online business solution that takes your business to its right position on the basis of service provided and yet at an affordable rate, Visit us at


Are you aware of the basic guidelines that the design of Mobile Websites should abide by?

We all are aware of the fact that web design methods used to design any computer device is not compatible with that of mobile devices. They need to be framed under some basic guidelines which are robust as well as cost effective and would successfully remodel parameters like design, layout and websites’ construction.


What are the guidelines required for development of mobile websites?


Ideally, developing methods which makes use of responsive design that modifies the present website in such a way that it becomes compatible with mobile screen of all sizes is the requirement. An Australian organization, Innovation Marketing is a 13 year old firm holding world class experience in this field. They are well aware of the guidelines that istotally efficient and effective in making websites for any business.


Major guidelines for designing mobile websites are:


  1. Technical guidelines which demands CSS layout of site in order to confirm that compatibility is maximized. XTML or XHTML coding with UTP8 character encoding eases the work.
  2. Flexible designs to suit the mobile screen of varied range.
  3. Appropriate content should be fed post good and complete formatting. Graphics and information that are not required should be omitted.
  4. Smart websites should have interface that is user friendly and easy to navigate.
  5. The Clickability target should be as higher as possible so that it makes maximum utilization of whitespace in between the elements to give the feeling that the website has been designed for fingers.
  6. Download speed should be reasonable. If downloading an element requires less time then, we can say that the speed is high. Images that are dark or large in size may be avoided curb the visibility of the site.
  7. Forms demanding minimum data entry and enabling auto backup should be encouraged.

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